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DC-DC Power Module

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Mini DC-DC Step down power supply module, 3A adjustable Converter
It's a DC-DC step-down power module with super small size

DSN2596 Without Heatsink
LM2596 Step-down Voltage Regulator, DC-DC Step Down Adjustable Converter Power Supply Module
The LMC2596 is integrated circuits that provide all the active functions for a step-down (buck) switching regulator. The operating frequency is industrial grade, from -40 to +85

KIS3R33S Synchronous rectification DC DC Step down Power Module
This KIS3R33S 7v-24v to 5V/3A module is DC DC Step down Power Module, with high conversion efficiency(up to 96%)

DSN-SY without Heatsink
4A DC-DC adjustable Step up Power Modules
DSN-SY DC-DC step up power module, maximum current is 4A

Ultra-small size DC-DC step-down power module,Model aircraft, car power supply module
The DC-DC step down power converter is with very small size. It is suitable for aeromodelling,DIY mobile power, automotive power, communications equipment supply etc.

3A Auto Step-up Step-down converter power supply module
DSN6000 auto step up and down module in 4-30V out 1.25-35V,400KHz 4A switch current step up module, is suitable for solar power panel.

DC-DC Step Down Adjustable Converter Power Supply
The DC-DC step-down power supply module is suitable for DIY mobile power, car power supply, communication devices supply etc.

DC-DC Step-down Regulator, LM2596 Car power supply module,12V turn to 5V DC
This DC-DC step down power supply module is suitable for car power supply and camera devices.

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