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  Home >> Wireless Module >> RF Modules >> 10 pieces 2.4G Mini Wireless Module,120m long transceiver distance
10 pieces 2.4G Mini Wireless Module,120m long transceiver distance Add to favorites

Manufacturer CoreWind
Product Order Code 13110803292594
Product DataSheet No Datasheet
Price: $34.00
Quantity 1-29pcs 30-99pcs 100-499pcs 500-999pcs
Price $34.00 $33.00 $32.00 $31.00
MOQ 10 pieces wireless module, transceiver distance is up to 120 meters, for Vehicle monitoring,remote control,telemetry,small wireless network etc.
The wireless module is with high speed rate,2M/1Mbps.The power of the module is 5dbm, transceiver distance is up to 120 meters.It uses FSK modulation,works at 2.4GHz global open License-free ISM band,1M/2M air transmission rate,programmable output power.It can receive 6 packets of different frequencies.It is suitable for star wireless network.


1. 2.4GHz global open License-free ISM band.
2. FSK/GFSK modulation
3. 1Mbps/2Mbps air data rate.
4. programmable output power: -35,-25,-15,-5,0,5 dBm
5. when output power is 0 dBm,power consumption is 14mA in transmit mode 
6. when data transmission rate is 1Mbps,power consumption is 21mA in receive mode.
7. with three variable length payload,from 1 to 32 bytes. or one variable length payload,from 1 to 255 bytes.
8. automatic data processing function
9. suitable for 6 data channel of 1:6 star network,can receive 6 different frequency channels data packets at the same time.
10. power supply: 1.9V to 3.6V
11. low power consumption.3uA DC current in OWERDOWN mode,410uA DC current in standby-I mode.
12. with MCU 4-pin SPI interface,its maximum clock rate is 8Mbps
13. transmission distance is about 50 to 120 meters(depend on output power)

Product parameters

1. frequency range: 2400 (1/2M optional) -2485 MHz
2. working voltage :2.1-3 .6 V Programmable output power: -15 -5 0 5 (dbM)
3. Modulation: GFSK / FSK
4. the emission current: 14mA (0dBm)
5. the maximum rate: 1M/2M
6. to receive current: 21mA (1Mbps)
7. receiver sensitivity:-85dBm
8. Sleep current: 3.5uA
9. the maximum distance: 120 meters
10. Standby current: 410uA
11. Programming Interface: SPI digital interface
12. Antenna Type: PCB antenna
13. module size: 21X13X3mm 


Vehicle monitoring
remote control,telemetry
small wireless network
wireless access control systems
residential short distance paging 
industrial data acquisition systems 
wireless tags, identification
RF contactless smart cards
small wireless data terminals
fire safety systems
wireless remote control system
biological signal acquisition
hydrological and meteorological monitoring
robot control
wireless 232 data communications
wireless digital audio
digital image transmission

Pin Description

VDD Power Supply(1.8V~3.6V)
SPI-MISO SPI Bus Data Output
CE Enable RX,TX
SPI-MOSI SPI Bus Data Input
SPI-CSN Enable SPI Bus
IRQ Send or Receive Data Packets Flage
GND Ground
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