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S3C6410 ARM11 CPU Board Core6410 Add to favorites

Manufacturer CoreWind
Product Order Code Core6410
Product DataSheet No Datasheet
Price: $79.00
Quantity 1-29pcs 30-99pcs 100-499pcs 500-999pcs
Price $79.00 $75.00 $73.00 $69.00
S3C6410 ARM11 CPU Board,Real6410 CPU module

Core6410 processor card is designed specially to be the heart of your next embedded design. The tiny board integrates
Samsung S3C6410 processor (ARM1176JZF-S, up to 800MHz). The processor card takes use of all common features
of S3C6410 and the interface between the processor card and your carrierboard is through 170-pin expansion interfaces(QFP
package). The  Net and audio chip is integrated into the core board. The Audio, Net, USB, LCD, I/O and all other hardware
interfaces are all expanded via these interfaces.
Integration of the CoreWind Core6410 processor card to customer special design is fully supported
by CoreWind technologies. CoreWind also designed an expansion board which can fully evaluate Core6410. The whole system
is called Real6410. CoreWind offers Linux 2.6.28, WinCE6.0, Android2.1 BSP for this board. Customers can leverage our
experience to increase your own productivity. The optimal embedded microprocessor solution provides users with a flexible
development environment based on S3C6410 and a shortened development timeframe.


ARM11 Samsung S3C6410, ARM1176JZF-S, up to 667MHz
256MByte mDDR RAM and 1GByte NAND Flash
Audio chips integrated in CPU board
100M Ethernet, DM9000 chips
Support Wince 6.0, Linux 2.6, Android 2.3
170pin expansion interfaces(QFP package)


        ARM11 Samsung S3C6410, ARM1176JZF-S, up to 667MHz
        256MByte MoblieDDR, 266MHz
        1GByte NAND Flash(support 8GByte NAND Flash)
        170pin expansion interfaces(QFP package)
Timer & Clock
        On chip watch-dog timer
       10/100M Ethernet, DM9000 chips
       Audio In/Out: WM9713 chips on cpu board

       The modular is led out most signals of ARM11 S3C6410, like Matrix Keypad, USB OTG, USB HOST,  SDIO, LCD,Touch Screen, Camera, AC97, 
       UART, SPI, I2C, ADC, DAC, PWM, EXT INT, GPIO and so on.

        Dimensions:  60 x 60 x 2.8 mm, 8 layer
        Temperature: 0°C to 70° C
       Power supply: 3.7V - 6.5V
OS support
       Support Wince 6.0, Linux2.6 and Android 2.3

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