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  Home >> Power Supply >> DC-DC Power Module >> DC-DC Step-down Regulator, LM2596 Car power supply module,12V turn to 5V DC
DC-DC Step-down Regulator, LM2596 Car power supply module,12V turn to 5V DC Add to favorites

Product Order Code DSN2596-L
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This DC-DC step down power supply module is suitable for car power supply and camera devices.


  • Chip: LM2596
  • Input voltage: 3.2V-40V
  • Output voltage: 1.25V-35V
  • Output current: maximum 3A
  • Conversion efficiency: maximum 92%
  • Output Ripple: <30mV
  • Switching frequency: 65KHz
  • Operating temperature: Industrial grade(-40°C to +85°C )
  • Dimension: 43 * 21 * 15mm
  • Fixed voltage(accuracy 1%): 3.15V, 5V, 12.4V, 24.2v Optional
IN+: input positive 
IN-: input negative
OUT+: output positive 
OUT-: output negative
Note that the input and output can not be reversed. Reverse may burn out
Input voltage: input voltage must be higher 1.5V or more than the output voltag. Not step up
Output voltage: 1.25V to 35V DC voltage is adjustable continuously, with high efficiency (up to 92%), the 
maximum output current is 3A
If output current is higher than 2.5A(or output power is more than 10W), work for a long time,please add a heatsink as below:
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