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Manufacturer CoreWind
Product Order Code MO12
Product DataSheet No Datasheet
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Price: $22.00
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Wireless Data Transmission Module,TTL,RS233 and RS485 interface support


  • 1200M transmit distance@2.4K Rate
  • Working frequency selection: 433 MHz,470/868/915MHz
  • 40 selectable channels
  • 4-byte network ID can be configured
  • Optional multiple data transfer rate
  • GFSK modulation mode
  • Automatic matching and bi-directional antenna switch control
  • Diversification of serial communication parameters
  • TTL interfaces
  • Sensitivity:up to -120 dBm
  • Maximum output power: 100mW
  • Operating voltage: 3.6 ~ 5.5 V
  • Operating temperature range: -20 ~ +70 ° C

Parameter configuration

In configuration mode, you can configure the related parameters of the module via PC software,and configure it online by UART interface.Such as: channel,frequency band,wireless transmission rate,transmission power,serial port baud rate, data bit, stop bit, parity bit, NET ID, NODE ID and so on. Communication protocol please refer to programming manual.
Parameter Byte Description
Channel 1 1~40
Working Frequency 1 433MHz/470MHz/868MHz/915MHz
Wireless Transmission Rate 1 1200/2400/4800/9600/14400/19200/38400 bps
Transmit power 1 Grade:0~7
UART Rate 1 1200/2400/4800/9600/14400/19200/38400 bps
UART Data Bit 1 7-Bit,8-Bit,9-Bit
UART Stop Bit 1 1-Bit,2-Bit
UART Parity Bit 1 No,Odd,Even

Data transmission

When the module is transmitting data, the host can send and receive data through the serial port.
To ensure transmiss data stably and smoothly,please note the following points:
  • Wireless transmission Match
To make the module communicate normally in Ethernet,band,channel and NET ID need to be set up all the same.The module has a 4-byte network ID can be configured.The modules with different network ID can't communicate each other.When the network ID is set to 0,it receives data information of module with any NET ID 
  • Data delay in wireless communication
Since the wireless communication transmitting device receives a certain amount of data from the terminal device,or need to wait a certain time no new data before starting transmitting,there is a delay from wireless communication transmitter to wireless communication receiver. In addition,it also needs some time from wireless communication receiver to the terminal devices.But the delay time is the same in same conditions(the time is decided by serial port rate and air rate)
  • Data traffic
There is 200 bytes buffer in the internal of the module.Data can be transmitted smooth when the serial port rate less than or equal to the wireless transmission rate.If the serial port rate is more than wireless transmission rate,it may occur data overflow and data loss .To avoid data loss or errirs,please set the serial port rate less than or equal to the wireless transmission rate.
  • Dormancy
Set pin CS to low,the module is in dormant state.The module can't be set its parameters at this time,nor data transmission.The power consumption of module is less than 5mA in dormant state.


  • Wireless remote telemetry
  • Remote meter reading
  • Security Systems
  • Industrial data acquisition
  • Home automation telemetry
  • Personal data record
  • Wireless 232/485 Data Communication
  • Building automation and security
  • Health Monitoring
  • Wireless PC peripherals
  • Access Control System
  • Robot Control
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