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  Home >> Bluetooth >> Bluetooth Module >> Low Power Consumption nRF51822 BLE4.0 Bluetooth Module 16.5*16.5mm
Low Power Consumption nRF51822 BLE4.0 Bluetooth Module 16.5*16.5mm Add to favorites

Product Order Code nRF51822-1
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Price: $8.50
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This small size bluetooth module is based on NORDIC nRF51822-QAFF, is with low power
consumption. Its Transmission range is 0 to 20 meters.
The bluetooth module is based on NORDIC SOC chip nRF51822-QAFF. Its interface is standard UART, built-in interrupt output
prompts. When this module received data from paired bluetooth module, it will output high level cue signal to notify the
external device. The module configurate hardware enable pin. If there is not data transmission, it could set high the enable
pin to disable serial data transmission,thereby reducing the power consumption of the system.


  • Low power consumption  BLE4.0 bluetooth chip
  • Integrated standard BLE4.0 protocol stack
  • Standard UART(TTL ) interface, it  could connect an external MCU serial or serial peripherals directly.
  • Optional hardware serial port baud rate 9600 or 38400, default is 9600;
  • Interrupt output prompts
  • Hardware enable control
  • Operating distance: 0 to 20 m, class II level;
  • Supply Voltage: 3.3V;
  • Module comes with PCB antenna, or you can use an external antenna;
  • Size: 16.5 * 16.5mm.

Pin Definitions


  • Short distance automatic data collection;
  • Remote control and monitoring;
  • Handheld, handheld, POS machines;
  • bluetooth keyboard, mouse, gamepad;
  • Bluetooth dimming, lighting control systems;
  • Intelligent home control system;
  • Anti-lost;
  • Bluetooth sensor;
  • Mobile phone accessory products.
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